Model & TV Presenter
Cecilie Haugaard

Cecilie Haugaard aka Cillemouse was born with an ekstra gear, or perhaps it’s the lack of knowing how to stop? Either way her energy is so contagious, not to mention her smile. 

Her presence calls for curiosity and attention.

After years of modelling in Paris, Cecilie decided to move back to Copenhagen to fulfill her ambition of becoming a dentist. Only to realize, that the demand of this beautiful model increased, and studies yet had to wait.
At present, dentist is not on Cecilies businesscard, but model, TV presenter and influencer is. And with a Master in Psychology AND a Master in Business Economics she is an irresistible and unstoppable power woman.

With almost 260.000 followers on IG, back2back work, projects and meetings, you would think this lovely lady would slow down a little. But quite the opposite.

2019 was a very exiting year. Cecilie got married, she hosted her own TV show called ‘Cillemouse – Den Falske Virkelighed’ about social medias and how it influence the most of us, and especially the younger generation. And later same year she co-hosted ‘Danmark Har Talent’ on TV2 and did amazing. 

2021 Cecilie gave birth to her beautiful babygirl; Noelle and with more on her 2-do-list, Cecilie is simply just turning up her speed. 2022 will bring new TV projects along with new business opportunities.

Stay tuned – if you have the energy 😉